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Registration at LODIBET Casino, is now easy as 10, 9, 8 so on., and secure and legal for Filipino players who are 21 years old or above. By signing up, players have the opportunity to win real money. LODIBET Casino is one of the newest casinos in the Philippines offering an enticing chance to claim a free bonus. Depositing a minimum of ₱300 provides players with the potential to receive a bonus of up to ₱8888!

How mag-Register on LODIBET Casino?

Registering at an online casino differs from registering for an email or Facebook account. While you still need to provide your account, password, and name, there are certain details that require your attention. Neglecting important steps during the registration process could lead to difficulties when it comes to cashing out in the future.
Rest assured, our professional customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you in resolving any issues. Pero syempre, getting it right the first time will save you the extra time and stress of worrying about your bonus. To ensure a smooth registration experience, here are four simple steps to sign up for an account at LODIBET Casino.


Press the “Register” button

To begin with the registration process, i-click lang ang “Register” button at the top of this page.

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Enter your details

After the button, may mag pop-up na window asking for your personal information, enter the username and password you desired as well as your mobile number so that you can use if you want to play Lodibet - lodigame online.

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Verify your identity

After completing the form, you will receive a verification code to confirm your registration. Upon opening the URL sent to you, enter the verification code, and you have successfully verified your Lodi291 - lodigame registration.

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Log In to your account

Once you have filled-in all information needed, pwede ka na mag Log-in to complete your Lodibet casino registration!

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Four Tips to Secure your Lodibet Register

To attain a secured Lodibet account, here are 4 tips you need to take note of:

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Virified mobile number that can receive SMS

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Verified and Registered mobile numbers that can receive SMS

To verify your Lodi291 account via SMS, you need a valid Philippines phone number. If you encounter gameplay or financial transaction issues beyond online support's scope, contact our hotline for assistance.

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Using high-security passwords


Using high-security passwords

Due to the substantial cash flow involved, online casinos are more susceptible to hacking attempts. While LODIBET [Lodi291] employs Global Trust AES 256-bit encryption for enhanced security, we strongly advise members to further safeguard their accounts by using robust passwords. Opt for combinations that consist of English letters and numbers, have a length between 12 and 16 characters, and avoid consecutive characters (such as 12345 or ABCDE) for added protection.

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Fill-up real information

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Fill-up real information

Providing accurate information in LODIBET [Lodi291] dapat. While internet users often provide false details in their personal information, we strongly emphasize the need to enter truthful information, especially when it comes to your real name. Your real name serves as the basis for verifying your account, so it is crucial not to neglect this aspect.

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One LODIBET [Lodi291] account per player only


One LODIBET [Lodi291] account per player only

This is a standard practice followed by all online casinos. By default, each member is allowed to possess only one set of accounts, as explicitly stated in our user policy. We strictly prohibit individuals with malicious intent from creating multiple accounts for engaging in money laundering or any other unlawful activities. Should it come to our attention that a LODIBET [Lodi291] member has registered multiple accounts using the same IP address or phone number, their membership will be cancelled.

Once you grasp these four principles, you are eligible to become a member of LODI without any delay. However, with numerous Philippine online casinos available, one may wonder what factors drive a player's commitment. We will provide an explanation.

What makes LODIBET Casino Stand out?

Five reasons why LODIBET Gaming stands out from the others, fast cash-out, high-security level, certification of legitimacy, free bonus, VIP program and goods exchange.

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Fast LODIBET [Lodi291] Cash out

Makukuha mo agad ang iyong pera sa loob lamang ng 5 minutes, with the cash-out process typically not exceeding 10 minutes. However, in the case of larger Lodibet Casino withdrawals, such as a million, there may be a delay of up to an hour. This is because electronic payments and bank transfers cannot process such a substantial amount all at once, necessitating batch processing.

Strict LODIBET [Lodi291] Security

As previously mentioned, LODIBET [Lodi291] ensures the utmost security by employing Global Trust AES 256-bit encryption. Players can confidently enjoy our servers without any concerns about data compromise. Rest assured that you can securely store your funds and easily withdraw bonuses from your account. Please be advised that LODIBET [Lodi291] follows a mandatory password change policy to enhance account security. We recommend using a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and inconsecutive digits for your password. Enforcing periodic password changes is one of our commitments to ensuring data safety.

LODIBET [Lodi291] Licensure and authentication

LODIBET [Lodi291] ay registrado in the Philippines and has an e-gaming license from the Pagcor, additionally, it possesses a valid license from Costa Rica, enabling players from the Philippines who are at least 21 years old (the legal gaming age in the country) to participate in its gaming activities.

Dominating LODIBET [Lodi291] Bonus

During our grand opening, we offer essential free bonuses and discounts. Among our five promotions, the most attractive is the daily spin on the Wheel of Fortune, with a top prize of ₱8888. At LODIBET Casino, we prioritize fast cashouts, ensuring that all registered members receive their bonuses promptly. No more worries about payment delays or unresolved withdrawals.

LODIBET [Lodi291] Mall

At LODIBET [Lodi291] Shopping Mall, we offer an exchange function where you can convert game credit, phone credit, and even luxury items like ROLEX watches, motorcycles, iPhones, Apple Watches, Dyson household products, GoPros, and air purifiers. Additionally, all members earn Bet Points proportionately when placing bets, highlighting our commitment to the return-to-player system. Unlike many other casinos, we prioritize the speed of the cashout process, a common concern among players. Rest assured, at Lodibet Casino, there won't be any worries about payment delays or unanswered withdrawal requests. We guarantee that all registered members will receive their bonuses promptly.

Sumali na sa Lodibet and Get a Free Bonus

At LODIBET - lodigame, you'll find an impressive selection of games and attractive promotions waiting for you. Just like with other online casinos, LODIBET - lodigame presents both ongoing and time-limited promotions accessible through your Lodibet login. Upon signing up, we'll guide you through claiming these thrilling offers. Instantly immerse yourself in the thrill of LODIBET - lodigame by logging in and receiving a free bonus upon registration. As one of the most adored online casinos in the Philippines, we ensure an unforgettable gaming experience for you.

120% Free Bonus on Your First LODIBET - lodigame Deposit

We have a first deposit promotion for new members. Mag-register na sa LODIBET - lodigame at mag deposit to get 120% cashback. Just login and click on “100% Welcome Bonus on LODISLOTs” when making a deposit to apply. Once lang per account. For more details, you can refer to the Promotion page after you complete your LODIBET - lodigame registration process.

I-Download ang App to Get a Bonus

Mas pinadali and pag-claim ng Bonus, i-download lamang ang LODIBET - lodigame app. To claim this bonus, new players can link their bank card and verify their mobile number. For existing players who have previously verified their mobile number and linked a bank card, a red envelope bonus will automatically be awarded. This red envelope bonus will be randomly distributed with a chance to win up to ₱8,888! Join na sa LODIBET - lodigame

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LODIBET - lodigame VIP Program

Once na matagumpay ang iyong registration process sa LODIBET - lodigame, you will automatically become a part of our VIP program. Your membership status will progressively improve based on your deposits and wagers. Each time you level up, you will be rewarded with a cash bonus. Our esteemed highest-level members can indulge in exclusive benefits such as twice-weekly 50% cashbacks, 0.5% rebates, a generous 20,000 peso birthday bonus, and exciting free VIP tours. Take advantage of our Bet Points system, which can be used at the LODIBET - lodigame Shopping Mall. This unique virtual goods exchange center allows you to acquire physical items using your accumulated Bet Points. For more information on our detailed tier systems, i-click lamang ang Lodibet Vip button na matatagpuan sa section ng Promotions sa itaas.


If you have problems registering, please check your account and password if it meets the compliance, and then verify that the SMS authentication sent has been passed. If the problem is still occurs, contact our customer service.

Ofcourse! it is not required after all. It's just a case if you have one.

Just fill in the same name as the E-payment/Bank account ID. Shall you have further questions, you can also contact our customer service staff.

No. We encourage each member to keep their account so there are no disputes over money.

After completing the registration process, your next step should be to visit the LODIBET - lodigame Gaming platform to explore the supported payment methods. Choose the most suitable payment option for you and make a deposit. Once your funds are available, you can use them directly within the games. Any winnings you accumulate will be promptly transferred to your designated account for your convenience.